Whether Women of Geology is hosting, involved in, or only attending an event, we are confident that our Geology Enthusiast -Outdoor Adventurer community will have a memorable time. Check out what’s happened or happening!

Volc-OR Student Photo
Students soaking in the sun!
Thesis talks.
Lunch Hour
Thesis talks.
Talk by Seth Moran
Kayla, Allison, Vanessa PSU Students
Clean room at OSU.
Lab at OSU
Career Advice Panel
Volc-OR Event Shirts
Downtown Corvallis Oregon, OSU.


Student Conference

April 12-13th 2018

Oregon is a volcanic wonderland, not only in terms of physical features but also because of the abundance of volcano-brain power in the area. 

Announcing the first annual Volcanology Students of Oregon ("Volc-OR") conference, to be held at Oregon State University.

Volc-OR aims to bring together graduate students around Oregon whose research relates broadly to Volcanology. Volc-OR is a student-led and student-focused regional meeting. Volc-OR plans on meeting annually and rotates each year between these three largest schools in Oregon. Hope you will help make it an explosive inaugural event!


This year Volc-OR conference will include two days of the following:

  • Student research talks and poster sessions (any volcano-related topic is welcome: geophysics, geochem, geochron, economic geology, physical volcanology, volcano hazards, etc.)

  • Keynote presentation on "Hazards and Science Communication in the era of social media and the 24 hours news cycle" by Seth Moran (Scientist-In-Charge of the Cascade Volcano Observatory), followed by a career advice panel alongside OSU faculty.

  • Workshops/ lab tours dedicated to various geo-analytical techniques including inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and magnetotellurics (MT).

  • Student panel discussions about science and student survival as chosen by you, the participants.

  • Social networking event (Thurs. evening).

Eager young women for the sciences.
Event Poster
Chemistry department
Biology department
Undergraduate volunteers for the geology department.
Geology department
Demonstrating sound waves by the Physics Department.
Physics department
Photo Booth
Physics department
Biology department
Photo Booth


March 8th 2018

We would like to see more female presence in science labs and classrooms. To help encourage more women to enter into science careers the Science Outreach Society at Portland State University are throwing a Ladies' Lab Night event on March 8th - International Women's Day.

Their goal with Ladies' Lab Night is to introduce women in high school and college to PSU science departments through activities of the science department's choice (lab tours, discussions of what it's like to be a student in your department, activities and demos, etc). They will also have snacks, drinks, and desert in the foyer between and after tours.

These girls are the best.
Using a sledge to get fresh samples for collection.
Last day of field camp. We did it!
My happy place is in the field.
Learning how to use the rock saw.
Rhyolitic Dinner Creek Tuff.
Trail treasures
Flow Banding
This hike was one for the books.
Enjoying the view atop an andesite outcrop.
Fires occurring throughout the summer. The skies are thick with smoke! Thank you firefighters for al
Women who hike together, stay together.
I love me some rocks.
Beautiful platy andesite outcrop.
Unfortunately we hit a deer on our field camp.



Portland States field mapping geology course covers geologic mapping in volcanic and plutonic rocks during the summer located in eastern Oregon. This course in combination with PSU's field methods course constitutes as a field camp. This fieldwork takes approximately 64 hours in the summer along with lab work to match. The work consisted of recording GPS points of outcrop locations covering a large region, collecting samples, determining rock type, petrography, and later completing a geologic map of the region. This is a valuable learning experience and has lead many students to further opportunities in their education as well as their careers.