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Women of Geology was founded in 2018 by Chanel Dvorak, a geology student at Portland State University with plans to complete her Masters of Geology in 2021. We are a dedicated site for Geology Enthusiasts and Outdoor Adventurers, bringing news, updates, special events, and more to the Women of Geology, a community of women in the sciences. We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over can come together and empower one another in unity.

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Chanel Fraser
Petrology Field Trip
Geology Girls Spring Break Adventures
Chanel Fraser
Petrology Field Trip
Geology Girls Spring Break Adventures


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As a dedicated, growing community of geologists, let's come together to create a fantastic hub—a place for sharing and interacting with one another. We'd love for you to join us! As a part of our community, we always want to help keep you informed about what we are doing. Check out our latest adventures, fieldwork, conferences, and stay in the loop.

Alvord Desert (Photo credit: Flickr / Richard Hicks)

Field Trip to Alvord Desert 

May 19-21st 2018

  The Alvord Desert is located in southeastern Oregon in the western United States. This region lies in the rain shadow of the Steens Mountains as well as the Cascade Mountain Range. The Alvord is the largest playa in Oregon. Playa lakes form where depressions in the landscape fill with rainwater and salt minerals are left behind after evaporation. There are three primary geothermal areas along the western edge as well as cold springs. An array of bubbling mud pools and occasional geysers make an appearance at the south near Borax Lake, where the thermal spring complex is located. 

The main reason for the visit to this beautiful desert is for Portland States Bain Analysis class. As the Alvord Desert is a fault-bounded flat basin. This basin, in particular, is a graben. A graben is a  basin that has experienced a down-drop due to faulting. This Basin and  Range geologic province are stunning in geologic features and hosts wildlife such as wild horses.

I look forward to exploring this area and learning more about Oregon's geologic wonders! 



April 19th-21st 2018

Join the 9th Annual Bretz Club at Camp Kiwanilong in Warrenton, Oregon.

The 2018 conference starts with a late afternoon arrival on Thursday April 19. Providing dinner at 7pm Thursday for those who pre-order. 

The scientific program on Friday, April 20 includes three keynote talks by Pat Corcoran (OSU Ext/Oregon Sea Grant), Catalina Segura (Oregon State University) and Pat McDowell (University of Oregon). 

Plan to share your own science by  giving a pop-ups talk or contributing to the poster session. Friday evening after the final keynote talk, we’ll hold our inexplicably popular raffle of participant-donated geomorphic items and musical jam-session (yes, there is a Bretz song-book).

On Saturday, April 21, get ready for the field with an exciting day of coastal geomorphology. The conference will officially conclude late afternoon following the field trip.

This year's cost for the 2-day (2 night) conference is $160 for professionals and $90 for students. If you register as a student you will be asked to fill a volunteer position during the conference. Please direct all billing questions to OSU conference services in link below. 

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